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November 07, 2023 - November 09, 2023
Smart Cities' Challenges 2023!

Smart City Open Innovation Challenge 2023

What is it? 

The Open Innovation Challenge offers meetings between public entities/ corporates/investors with startups and other technological providers.

1. Public entities/investors/corporates
innovation challenges are selected disseminated both, in Catalonia ecosystem and internationally.

    2. Potential solution providers to the challenge are evaluated carefully to ensure their suitability and finally, the corporate/company that have launched the challenges selects de most relevant ones for meeting and further discussion.

      3. If both parties reach a collaboration agreement, ACCIÓ offers information on funding opportunities, contract review service and support during the entire project execution.

      Can you solve any of the following Challenges?



      Who is involved?

        • Public entities/corporations/investors
        • Technology/innovation providers

        Why joining us?

        • To meet and collaborate with recognized organizations that seek solutions to their open innovation needs and challenges.
        • To get a personalized B2B and B2G agenda according to your interests and availability.
        • To facilitate other types of innovation and technology collaborations between Catalan and foreign companies and entities.
        • If you have a face-to-face meeting with a challenge owner, you'll be granted a 50% discount to buy the visitor pass to the congress.

        How to participate

        1. Register to the platform and complete your profile before 1st of November. Remember to add a detailed description of your entity as well as your website for further information.
        2. We recommend you to add an OFFER (into the opportunities section) for each challenge you are applying to.
        3. Choose your attendance type: if you want to have physical meetings, online meetings or both.
        4. The physical meetings will be organised at Smart City congress happening in Fira Barcelona and if you have a face-to-face meeting with a corporation, you'll be granted a discount to buy your pass ot the Congress.

        The participation is free of charge. Remember that you can always participate 100% online, meaning all your meetings will be held online. If you decide to participate in face-to-face meetings, you'll be granted a 50% discount to buy the visitor pass.

        Click here to download the APP and manage your meetings easily.

        The Smart City Open Innovation Challenge 2023 is organized by ACCIÓ, a department of the Catalan Government's Ministry of Enterprise and Labour.

        Our activites before & after the event

        • 22nd of September (12pm & 4pm): Info sessions online about the Open Innovation Challenge
        • 2nd & 3rd of November: Open Brokerage online
        • 7th & 8th of November: Open Innovation Challenge onsite at SCEWC
        • 8th of November (12.45pm) : Open Innovation Pitch at SCEWC (Central Agora)

        Our stakeholders


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